Meds, meds, meds

July 11, 2013

The beginning of this year I decided to try to get off some of the symptom medicines and try a more holistic approach. So far, so good. I replaced the medicine I had been taking for fatigue for herbal tea I found on the Web. That works so I am trying other teas that promise to help with other things. I don’t know that everything can be taken care of this way, but I am just at a point where I was having a medicinal overload. I am going to try juicing and other holistic methods too. At my appointment yesterday, my neurologist asked if I want to try another medicine–one that helps with walking. I said no for now. I can still walk, maybe not fast and maybe not for long distances, but I don’t care right now. Another medicine will defeat what I’ve achieved so far. So, I’ll stay slow and keep the cane for now.

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