New Jersey Rules

May 9, 2014

Like most people who are annoyed by marijuana laws, I am jealous of people who live in Colorado right now. However, since I have no intention of moving there any time soon, I have to live by the laws of the state I live in now…New Jersey. Some of you may be aware that New Jersey has some of the strictest medical marijuana laws of all the states that allow it, but unlike what I thought it would be, it isn’t a bad system. It actually makes sense to me…and that is saying a lot! The system is set up to make sure people don’t run amok with it. Centers need to get a license first of all. That makes sense. I mean, I don’t want just anyone to sell me the stuff…there are a lot of different blends and types that are for specific needs; I am glad that the people selling it know their stuff. Otherwise, it’s just pot…not really medical marijuana…there is a difference. The next regulation is that doctors need to sign up with the state’s regulation office, thereby making sure no one can forge prescriptions or whatever…I’m not sure why this is the case, but it doesn’t bother me. Patients that want to get it can view the list of doctors that are signed up to make sure their doctor is one that can give it to them. Next…patients must be seeing that doctor for a year before that doctor can sign them up. That makes sense on multiple levels really. Doctors would get overwhelmed with new patients if it were easier for them to give it out. After the year is up, the doctor puts the patient on the system and gives him/her a registration number. Finally, the patient registers and gives personal information so they can do a background check. Once that is done, he/she gets a card allowing the purchase of the marijuana and the center they registered with. So, that’s where I stand…registered and waiting to pass the background check. I am going to try it at night to help me sleep and I am going to monitor other benefits and affects as they happen. As always, stay tuned…

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