More than Street Value

June 11, 2014

So I got my approval; passed the backtround check. It cost $200 just to get the card saying I can purchase and carry the stuff. I dont know for sure yet, but from what I understand, it will cost more than it does on the street. Of course it’s better, grown for special purposes.

My new pet peeve now is that health insurance won’t cover it. I doubt I can even get reimbursed from my FSA, but I’ll certainly try. I just don’t understand why I can have all kinds of drugs that will make me high, dopey, you name it…steroids, uppers, downers, what have you…but I can’t have a simple weed that God gave us to help with what ails us. It’s ludicrous! I hope this changes soon. I mean what about people that can’t afford it? How long will I be able to afford it?
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