July 1, 2014

There seems to be a new trend starting thanks to the introduction of e-cigarettes. It’s called vaping. Vaporizers are basically e-cigs that you can fill yourself. They also have oils and various herbs that you can use the vaporizers with. I don’t get it really, but since smoking the marijuana is threatening to stop me from breathing, I bought one.

Day 3 I tried using the vaporizer. It is supposed to be stronger this way and supposedly uses less marijuana…and at $535/oz. that sure does appeal to me. I started by taking 2 hits from the vaporizer just to check it out. I don’t fully understand why it should be better for people around you, you still exhale smoke, and it still smells like pot. I’m still not doing this in my house…no one smokes in my house; I don’t like what it does to the walls and furniture.

The 2 hits seemed to do the trick to help me sleep, and I got up early and felt nice and awake…still not energized, but wide awake anyway. Things seemed to be picking up.

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