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July 17, 2014

I used the vaporizer a few more times before switching to another method. I still feel bad about not doing more of the joint or pipe, so maybe some day I will try those again. I find that it only takes a litttle  to get the effects from the vaporizer. I did some reading and writing after smoking some to see what other effects it has besides letting me sleep. I was able to do both, but as I sat there, it got harder to concentrate. I didn’t always feel stoned but really felt it when I stood up. I was able to play games on my Kindle okay. Since I am an editor, the reading and writing were the most important things I was checking. It didn’t take long to lose concentration and start reading the same line over and over. Clearly this is only a nighttime medicine for me, though I still think it makes me less dopey than some other medicine I have been on in the past. Makes me wonder how many things I screwed up when I was taking them. It’s fine though because the help with sleep is really the only thing I think is benefitting me from this strain; I guess they don’t call it Death Star for nothing. It is supposed to help with pain but I didn’t find it to help with mine. It’s possible that certain pains I have were lessened, but it was hard to tell. After a few days of vaping, I found that it is probably better if I don’t use it every day. By the 5th or 6th day I felt a little sick and on the 6th day, I couldn’t even sleep. I was back to being up all night and feeling the need to sleep all day the next day. I guess there are lingering effects or perhaps it’s because I’m not used to smoking. Either way, I don’t think I’ll be using it daily.

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