High Tea and Pot Chocolate

September 11, 2014

Because I don’t really want to smoke, I tried various ways to get the benefits without inhaling it. I tried it as a tea. I put a bunch with German rock sugar and let it seep in the water for a while. It tasted pretty good and seemed to help, but when I tried it again, it had no effect so I guess that first time was a coincidence. I tried it as a addition to other tea, but it tasted bad and didn’t do anything.  I looked online to find different ways of eating or drinking the stuff and found the famous “Stoners Cookbook.” I discovered from there and other sourcs that that neither THC nor CBD is water soluble; that would explain it. I tried making the cannabudder, but I don’t think I did it right; I used what I made on toast and it was pretty gross. They say to use the budder in tea, but I never could get myself to try that, so I made some pot milk, mixed it with Hershey’s and drank a nice cup of Pot Chocolate. That was good. I put the pot milk in tea; that was okay too. I even drank cold chocolate pot milk. Using the milk is probably the way I liked best but there is one problem. To really get the full effect, the milk has to be mixed with a lot of marijuana. According to “Stoners Cookbook,” one cup of milk should be mixed with 1/8 oz. marijuana! At these prices, forget it. Of course since this stuff is so strong, it doesn’t have to be that bad, but it still took too much for me to do that all the time. Oh well, sorry lungs, smoking it is. When I get my next batch, I will ask about a different kind of vaporizor or something. Maybe I’ll find something helpful yet. Until then…stay tuned.

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