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September 27, 2015

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As the 50th year of my time on Earth approaches it’s end, I find myself wanting to go back to my own world for the duration of my physical existence. Earth, at least the small part I have lived in, has just gotten too weird for me. But of course I can’t stop myself from commenting and ranting about everything that is happening on Earth, so I decided to invite everyone to view my world and view my thoughts. So…welcome to Debby’s world. I will provide my opinion about everything with no expectations that anyone will take me seriously. After all, I’m no longer there, so why would anyone listen to my opinion. This is for me. If you like it, feel free to browse and comment, but if you are negative, your comment will not be accepted. Debby’s world is pure, it is without political correctness but not in a mean way. Everything is meant to be sarcastic, humorous, and is not meant to be offensive. If you take offense, stop reading. I am no one. I hold no position of power. I influence no one. So you need not worry that anything will come from my statements. I am here to entertain and to spread positive energy…although you may see me slip once in a while, after all, I used to be human. It may take a while to get over that. I have included here my human posts for those of you who were already enjoying those…wouldn’t want to lose you. Enjoy…I hope to get this site filled with stuff soon.

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