Medicinal Baking

So…I knew I could do something with the marijuana I already vaped. I had been saving it. Then people told me I could use that to make oil or butter. I finally had enough to try it. I figured it wouldn’t be that strong since I already vaped the stuff. WRONG! First of all, being […]

Family Saga–Part I

Seeing her brother’s form with her brother’s face talking in her brother’s voice is very confusing. It stirs up emotions that are on such a steep scale she can never anticipate which side the next thought will come from nor how fast one from the other end will appear. Love, indifference, affection, disgust, sentiment, hatred. […]

R.I.P. Mommy

April 30, 2016 my world crumbled. My mother died. Even as I type that, I wonder how it could be true. On April 23 she was fine…we were over with my uncle and she was doing her thing with lunch and cofee. How could she die a week later? How could we not have seen […]

Another Sleepless Night

Once more I find myself unable to sleep with only a few hours left until I have to get up and work. It sucks. There is medication that will help, but I can never get it regulated properly. And there are other things, like tea and aromatherapy, but I seem to forget a lot to […]

Painting for Everyone

I can’t wait until the weather and the rest of my life allows me to have the energy to take more classes at my newest favorite place to relieve stress. Pinot’s Palette is a fun place with no stress art classes with a twist. You bring your own wine (or whatever you want) and just go have […]

Aging Parents

So, just as I got around to creating this new blog and import all my posts from the old blog, I run into stuff that blocks my brain from working, causes my body to just want to do nothing…or to do stuff to get it over with. That is not a good state of mind […]

Welcome to My World

As the 50th year of my time on Earth approaches it’s end, I find myself wanting to go back to my own world for the duration of my physical existence. Earth, at least the small part I have lived in, has just gotten too weird for me. But of course I can’t stop myself from […]

Boy I’ve been a lazy blogger! I am going to chalk it up to the winter…yeah…that sounds good. I haven’t had much to write about. It’s been the same old MS for me so nothing new. I guess that’s good. I’ll try to do better with this. I found something else need to play with, […]

High Tea and Pot Chocolate

Because I don’t really want to smoke, I tried various ways to get the benefits without inhaling it. I tried it as a tea. I put a bunch with German rock sugar and let it seep in the water for a while. It tasted pretty good and seemed to help, but when I tried it […]

Art Therapy

I keep hearing about art therapy and was going to try a class or something, but my schedule just didn’t let me. So, I decided to do my own art therapy. I had the idea that I would paint something that represented MS to me. Now, keep in mind that I don’t paint normally. My […]