To Work or Not to Work…

     …that is the question…sometimes. The more times I need to call in tired, the more times I feel sick or have headaches, and the more summer days knock me down, the more I wonder how much longer I can continue to work full time. I’m not mentally at the point of investigating permanent or […]

Strange filter?

I decided to take a few more hits from a joint to see if I can finally finish that part of this little experiment. My lungs must have gotten a little used to having harsh smokey stuff rudely forced into them because I just coughed a little this time. I seemed to feel the effects […]

Other Effects

I used the vaporizer a few more times before switching to another method. I still feel bad about not doing more of the joint or pipe, so maybe some day I will try those again. I find that it only takes a litttle  to get the effects from the vaporizer. I did some reading and […]

Only in America

Americans enjoy many benefits that are not so available in some other countries. We are entitled to freedoms that are not so available in some other countries. However, most of us forget that besides being a free, democratic country, the United States is a capitalist country, and that is sometimes what takes precedent in the execution […]


There seems to be a new trend starting thanks to the introduction of e-cigarettes. It’s called vaping. Vaporizers are basically e-cigs that you can fill yourself. They also have oils and various herbs that you can use the vaporizers with. I don’t get it really, but since smoking the marijuana is threatening to stop me […]

Day 2

After the debacle of the first day, I decided to try a pipe. I put about 3 buds worth in it and took about 5 or 6 hits off it. It seemed less potent right away, but I may not have packed it tight enough. It still hurt my lungs, but not as much as […]


The main reason I am trying the medical marijuana is to relieve anxiety and help me sleep when my anti-fatigue medicine keeps me up. I also have some pain and am always fatigued (hence the anti-fatigue medicine. The person at the distribution center recommended the blend Death Star, to be used at night. It is […]

Welcome to my online journal of my journey into trying medical marijuana to help with my MS symptoms. I will start with explaining some things about medical marijuana and the various things I am learning about it and ways to consume it. You can find an overview of information in my main blog, or click […]

Back in the Saddle

So I felt well enough after my little bicycle mishap to get back out there. I was all set, I had a plan, and I was going to pay attention this time when my legs felt like they had enough. I went around one block, uphill, and then down and over to the next. I […]

Canabis 101

Here’s what you can’t get from you local street merchant. The scientific information on what it is in marijuana that can help with various symptoms, what types of marijuana are grown for what purposes, and the exact content of what you purchase. Studies have shown that there are 70 different chemicals in cannabis, called cannabinoids, […]