Family Saga–Part I

Seeing her brother’s form with her brother’s face talking in her brother’s voice is very confusing. It stirs up emotions that are on such a steep scale she can never anticipate which side the next thought will come from nor how fast one from the other end will appear. Love, indifference, affection, disgust, sentiment, hatred. […]

R.I.P. Mommy

April 30, 2016 my world crumbled. My mother died. Even as I type that, I wonder how it could be true. On April 23 she was fine…we were over with my uncle and she was doing her thing with lunch and cofee. How could she die a week later? How could we not have seen […]

Who Am I?

Everyone finds and defines self worth at different times and in different areas of life. Many times, a person’s self worth changes ax they enter different phases of life. The hardest thing to do though is defining your self worth when a change came through no choice of your own. When the worth of a […]