R.I.P. Mommy

April 30, 2016 my world crumbled. My mother died. Even as I type that, I wonder how it could be true. On April 23 she was fine…we were over with my uncle and she was doing her thing with lunch and cofee. How could she die a week later? How could we not have seen […]

Another Sleepless Night

Once more I find myself unable to sleep with only a few hours left until I have to get up and work. It sucks. There is medication that will help, but I can never get it regulated properly. And there are other things, like tea and aromatherapy, but I seem to forget a lot to […]

Winter Blues

As the sky darkens, so does my mood. The clock says it’s not much past noon yet I feel it must be close to midnight. The closer the storm, the further my energy goes and the closer I get to deep slumber. Snow they say, but it surely won’t be a bright happy snow or […]

Calling in Tired

I wake up but not all of me. My mind is awake but my body remains in dreamland and won’t respond to my wishes. I am aware of the alarm and force my hand to press snooze. The next time it goes on, my body joins me in the real world just enough to shut […]

Fatigue or Depression?

Fatigue is a sign of depression. Depression is a symptom of MS. Fatigue is a symptom of MS. Soooooo, how do I know if I’m tired because of my MS or because of depression? I suffer from both at various times and to various degrees, but are they related? Is it a cause and effect? […]