Medical Marijuana


Medicinal Baking

So…I knew I could do something with the marijuana I already vaped. I had been saving it. Then people told me I could use that to make oil or butter. I finally had enough to try it. I figured it wouldn’t be that strong since I already vaped the stuff. WRONG! First of all, being […]

Another Sleepless Night

Once more I find myself unable to sleep with only a few hours left until I have to get up and work. It sucks. There is medication that will help, but I can never get it regulated properly. And there are other things, like tea and aromatherapy, but I seem to forget a lot to […]

High Tea and Pot Chocolate

Because I don’t really want to smoke, I tried various ways to get the benefits without inhaling it. I tried it as a tea. I put a bunch with German rock sugar and let it seep in the water for a while. It tasted pretty good and seemed to help, but when I tried it […]

Strange filter?

I decided to take a few more hits from a joint to see if I can finally finish that part of this little experiment. My lungs must have gotten a little used to having harsh smokey stuff rudely forced into them because I just coughed a little this time. I seemed to feel the effects […]

Canabis 101

Here’s what you can’t get from you local street merchant. The scientific information on what it is in marijuana that can help with various symptoms, what types of marijuana are grown for what purposes, and the exact content of what you purchase. Studies have shown that there are 70 different chemicals in cannabis, called cannabinoids, […]

More than Street Value

So I got my approval; passed the backtround check. It cost $200 just to get the card saying I can purchase and carry the stuff. I dont know for sure yet, but from what I understand, it will cost more than it does on the street. Of course it’s better, grown for special purposes. My […]

New Jersey Rules

Like most people who are annoyed by marijuana laws, I am jealous of people who live in Colorado right now. However, since I have no intention of moving there any time soon, I have to live by the laws of the state I live in now…New Jersey. Some of you may be aware that New […]