Other Effects

I used the vaporizer a few more times before switching to another method. I still feel bad about not doing more of the joint or pipe, so maybe some day I will try those again. I find that it only takes a litttle  to get the effects from the vaporizer. I did some reading and […]


There seems to be a new trend starting thanks to the introduction of e-cigarettes. It’s called vaping. Vaporizers are basically e-cigs that you can fill yourself. They also have oils and various herbs that you can use the vaporizers with. I don’t get it really, but since smoking the marijuana is threatening to stop me […]

Day 2

After the debacle of the first day, I decided to try a pipe. I put about 3 buds worth in it and took about 5 or 6 hits off it. It seemed less potent right away, but I may not have packed it tight enough. It still hurt my lungs, but not as much as […]


The main reason I am trying the medical marijuana is to relieve anxiety and help me sleep when my anti-fatigue medicine keeps me up. I also have some pain and am always fatigued (hence the anti-fatigue medicine. The person at the distribution center recommended the blend Death Star, to be used at night. It is […]

Welcome to my online journal of my journey into trying medical marijuana to help with my MS symptoms. I will start with explaining some things about medical marijuana and the various things I am learning about it and ways to consume it. You can find an overview of information in my main blog, or click […]


Hello. This is my first attempt at blogging, so bear with me. I am still getting used to the format and where I want everything. I hope I can get going quickly and make this a virtual support group for all those suffering with MS and their families, friends, and anyone else who wants to […]