Work Life


To Work or Not to Work…

     …that is the question…sometimes. The more times I need to call in tired, the more times I feel sick or have headaches, and the more summer days knock me down, the more I wonder how much longer I can continue to work full time. I’m not mentally at the point of investigating permanent or […]

Only in America

Americans enjoy many benefits that are not so available in some other countries. We are entitled to freedoms that are not so available in some other countries. However, most of us forget that besides being a free, democratic country, the United States is a capitalist country, and that is sometimes what takes precedent in the execution […]

Calling in Tired

I wake up but not all of me. My mind is awake but my body remains in dreamland and won’t respond to my wishes. I am aware of the alarm and force my hand to press snooze. The next time it goes on, my body joins me in the real world just enough to shut […]

Days In=Days Out

I believe I have said in other blogs that I am blessed with the ability to work at home full time. It’s days like the recent weekend I had that makes me truly appreciate it. I had to go into work for three days. Luckily, the third day was only a half day.     The […]