Debby’s 2015 Pinot Pallet creations

Between the weather, my parents, my seasonal depression, and, well, just plain laziness, I haven’t been going to my favorite therapy sessions lately…the relaxing wonderful classes they offer at my local Pinot’s Palette. Oh well, I will get back to it soon. Meanwhile, take a look at what I have done there in 2015…I don’t have enough wall space to fit it all. I started in August 2015. I had planned to go to at least one class a month, but after December it just didn’t happen. I will go back though. That’s for sure. This place is so cool. The motto is Drink, Paint, Have Fun. LOL. You bring wine to drink (if you want) and snacks if you want. I recommend this to everyone. One day I might even do a private party here…that is if I can convince enough people to come with me.

My first class, “Cool Summer Night” 8/20/2015

My first class, which I took with my best friend, who is an amazing artist herself, was not only fun, but it showed me that I could actually do this. Even though she doesn’t need instruction to paint, my friend enjoyed it just as much as I did. (She ended up coming with me to most of the classes and it was always a great night out.) Everyone in the class had beautiful paintings. They all looked a little different even though we were all painting the same thing. My signature, “Fes6” was something I thought would be a not to my sister, who always signed her paintings “Fes.” However, she didn’t like it. She said that was her thing and I should think of a different one. So…I added the “ta” to the end of “Fes” and began to find my own signature style. you will see that I final came up with something I use now.

“Star Gazers” 9/2/2015

The next class we took was taught by a different artist but was also very fun. I don’t like the painting as much as the first one, but I love that I was able to paint the images of the couple. The multicolored sky is supposed to be a borealis or something, but I don’t like it. This one was only on my wall for a little while, then I put it away. Maybe someone will want it one day, who knows. I don’t care. I came to like the classes so much, I don’t really care what the paintings come out like. One thing I did like about this painting though was the tree. I realized that trees are pretty easy to paint and I love that.

“La Luna Azul” 9/3/2015. I took this class with my sister.

Next, I wanted to take my sister, also a very good painter herself. Another tree. This one more fun than the last. We both enjoyed it of course, and hopefully we can go together again some day. Just like me, things get in the way for her and she finds it hard to get here so she can do this. Of the three that I’d painted so far, this became my favorite. There was a lot of blending involved, and I found that this is my favorite and the most therapeutic for me.

“The Library” 9/18/15

All of these classes were just warm ups while I waited for the painting I really wanted to do. I had signed up for it before all the others and just couldn’t wait. I am a voracious reader, and I even have a library in my house (well, I call it a library; i guess it’s really and office with a ton of books on shelves). Anyway, as you can see, this painting is just much more my style. Unfortunately, no one could make it to the class with me, so I ended up taking the class by myself. Didn’t matter, I enjoyed it anyway. This one was a lot easier than it looked, and we got to pick our own colors, so I had a blast! I was like a little kid just mixing up paints until I liked how it looked. So much fun!

“Little House on the Scary” 10/4/15
“Boo Buddies” 10/10/15

As October approached, I was very excited to paint some Halloween pictures. Three of the ones offered fit into my friend’s and my schedules, so we signed up for three classes in one month. While we were in one class, we saw an artist painting a really cool skull that we also wanted to create. I am not sure why, but that one was for All Souls Day (November 1). I guess it made no difference because even though we painted on Halloween (dressed in costume), we signed up for that one too. What a blast Halloween was! The artist was dressed as Beetlejuice. LOL When he discussed adding our own touch to the hat and mentioned Harry Potter, well, I couldn’t stop myself from adding a Potter touch myself.

“Hocus Pocus” 10/31/15
“Day of the Dead” 11/1/15

I used all three paintings as part of my Halloween decorations, and next year, I will use the skull as part of the whole theme also.




In November, I introduced two more friends to the place and gave the place two more fans.

“Sunflower Starburst” 11/15/15
“The Riverbank” 11/17/15







In December, my son turned 25. I couldn’t be with him, and I was feeling a little weird about having a 25-year-old child, so how else would I celebrate, right? Besides, I needed Christmas pictures and the class offered on his birthday had a great one for the season.

The only December class I made it to.
“Winter Dreamland” 12/10/15

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to other classes I wanted because of the holiday hubbub and stuff. As I said, stuff started getting in the way, but I will go again, that’s for sure. If you want a fun day out, I highly recommend this place. They have them all over, so you should be able to find one near you. Maybe I’ll see you in the one near me one day.