Listen to Your Body

I was very proud of myself today. I rode my bike further, almost double the distance. Then my body started complaining a little. I was back in front of my house and I could feel that my legs were tired and I was getting thirsty. I decided I could go a little bit more and […]

Just Like Riding a Bike

Because my legs seem to be getting weaker, my doctor suggests excercise. So I wrode a bike today. I haven’t been on a bike in over 15 years. It’s true what they say…you never forget. You can, however, lose some sense of balance. I swerved a bit…okay, a lot. No big deal though. After a […]

More than Street Value

So I got my approval; passed the backtround check. It cost $200 just to get the card saying I can purchase and carry the stuff. I dont know for sure yet, but from what I understand, it will cost more than it does on the street. Of course it’s better, grown for special purposes. My […]

New Jersey Rules

Like most people who are annoyed by marijuana laws, I am jealous of people who live in Colorado right now. However, since I have no intention of moving there any time soon, I have to live by the laws of the state I live in now…New Jersey. Some of you may be aware that New […]

Meds Revisited

So, my experiment to go off most of my meds has shown its first sign that it isn’t working. The first sign of it can be seen right here by looking at how long it’s been since I’ve written anything and the topic of what I wrote. Yes, technically, winter is over so I am […]

Winter Blues

As the sky darkens, so does my mood. The clock says it’s not much past noon yet I feel it must be close to midnight. The closer the storm, the further my energy goes and the closer I get to deep slumber. Snow they say, but it surely won’t be a bright happy snow or […]

New doctor, old problem

The most frustrating this in dealing with MS is going to primary care doctors. For a while, I had a good one and was happy as can be; I never wanted to go to a different  doctor. Unfortunately, he left the practice group I go to and went too far for me…so here I go […]

Calling in Tired

I wake up but not all of me. My mind is awake but my body remains in dreamland and won’t respond to my wishes. I am aware of the alarm and force my hand to press snooze. The next time it goes on, my body joins me in the real world just enough to shut […]

Just Jim–raising a unique child

I often find myself talking to people about how difficult it is to raise a child who is very smart and/or creative. These children are just a little different than other kids and many times don’t “fit in” with others. Let’s face it, parenting in general is hard, it is a full-time job. When the […]

Fatigue or Depression?

Fatigue is a sign of depression. Depression is a symptom of MS. Fatigue is a symptom of MS. Soooooo, how do I know if I’m tired because of my MS or because of depression? I suffer from both at various times and to various degrees, but are they related? Is it a cause and effect? […]