Medical Marijuana


Medicinal Baking

So…I knew I could do something with the marijuana I already vaped. I had been saving it. Then people told me I could use that to make oil or butter. I finally had enough to try it. I figured it wouldn’t be that strong since I already vaped the stuff. WRONG! First of all, being […]

Another Sleepless Night

Once more I find myself unable to sleep with only a few hours left until I have to get up and work. It sucks. There is medication that will help, but I can never get it regulated properly. And there are other things, like tea and aromatherapy, but I seem to forget a lot to […]

High Tea and Pot Chocolate

Because I don’t really want to smoke, I tried various ways to get the benefits without inhaling it. I tried it as a tea. I put a bunch with German rock sugar and let it seep in the water for a while. It tasted pretty good and seemed to help, but when I tried it […]